Burton Albion Community Trust

Quick facts about Burton Albion Community Trust


  • Name: Burton Albion Community Trust


  • Formed: July 2010


  • What they offer: Burton Albion Community Trust is a registered charity, aiming to offer a wide range of activities for both children and adults within the region


  • Motto: Inspire, Engage, Educate


  • Mission: To use the power of football and the brand of Burton Albion Football Club to make a difference to the lives of people within the community


  • Values: Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Empathy, Pride and Passion, Determination, and Innovation


  • Strategy: Their 2017-2020 strategy aims to; Deliver High Quality, Create a Positive Journey, Measure and Evidence Impact, and Govern and Lead Effectively


  • Scope of work: Health & Well-being, Inclusive Sport, Education and Learning, Football Development, and School Sport


  • Outcomes:
                    - “WE WILL: raise aspirations”
                    - “WE WILL: bring communities together”
                    - “WE WILL: raise educational attainment”
                    - “WE WILL: create an affinity with Burton Albion FC”
                    - “WE WILL: improve physical and mental well-being”
                    - “WE WILL: develop healthier and safer communities”
                    - “WE WILL: develop better players, coaches and volunteers”

Burton Albion Community Trust (BACT) is a unique charity with a super initiative, which allows them to help and include all members of the community in different activities and events.

They don’t just help their local community. Each year, members of staff from BACT and a group of volunteers team up with African Adventures to raise as much money as possible and head over to Ghana, Kenya or Zanzibar for 10 days to help children and families that need it. This involves teaching children, but also building and renovation work. This project helps support over 20,000 people through 21 different community projects.