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Digital Transformation

We’ve used digital transformation to help us rethink how we use technology, people and processes to enhance our business proposition and exceed customer expectations around products and services.

Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation aims to integrate physical processes with digital data to enhance areas around predictive analysis, intelligence and forecasting. The end-to-end distribution process is being increasingly influenced by intelligent process and digitalising operations.


Digital information helps prioritise data across our business and we use initiatives such as control towers and analytics across our network operations to improve service and efficiency.

Seamless networks

Our seamless national and international network services benefit from digitally enhanced cross-border and customs platforms to ensure we deliver on our promises.


Our digital transformation delivers important social and environmental benefits by increasing efficiency and cutting down on energy consumption and emissions.

Scalable distribution

Digital systems allow us to offer scalable and flexible services, providing customers with the flexibility to easily turn services on to meet volume fluctuations.

Freight visibility

Powered by live data and visual images, our systems deliver unrivalled freight visibility and real-time tracking updates throughout the delivery process.

Forecasting freight

Our ARC system previews freight before it arrives at our SuperHub, ensuring we have sufficient resource in place to load vehicles and accelerate the delivery process.


Service and quality driven by data

Digitally transforming the supply chain allows us to benefit from constant access to real-time data and using it alongside neural learning and AI to drive quality, service and financial and environmental efficiencies.

The industries in which our customers operate, such as retail and e-commerce, have been revolutionized by digital technology and EV Cargo has transformed all aspects of its business to enable our customers to benefit from greater supply chain transparency and a range of significant operational efficiencies.

Driving our values and purpose

Palletforce employs the very best use of digital process and data, and continual investment in innovation ensures that it is at the forefront of all our company values and purpose.


We prioritise the collection of data from across our network and have the capability to analyse data to derive insights that power growth and improve operational efficiency across our customer base.


Leveraging real-time data around turnaround times and trailer loading, we can help our members optimise journey planning and fleet utilisation to reduce mileage, fuel use and emissions.


We believe in using digital information to foster a more sustainable product life cycle, in line with the strategy of a circular economy, to reduce our environmental impact by removing emissions and waste from network operations.


We connect over 15,000 SME businesses every day to customers across the UK and overseas, helping to power trade and drive the UK economy.


Delivering Better

At the heart of what we do is our Delivering Better culture programme which pledges to nurture, support and develop all members of staff. We understand the integral part they play in making the company a success and it is important that we recognise and reward that.

Using digital to change our practices

Digital technology not only allows us to provide seamlessly-connected services but it also helps us drive social and environmental benefits.

Embracing data to improve our services

Scalable model allows services to be turned on easily

Increasing efficiency to reduce energy consumption

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