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Palletforce staff honoured for “Delivering, Better”

Palletforce’s brilliant employees have once again been recognised at this year’s annual Delivering, Better Awards.

The Awards are the culmination of a year-long process to identify those members of staff who, in their own way, have contributed to Palletforce’s ongoing success by going the extra mile.

The award categories range from teamwork and honesty to quality and agility, and the finalists in each are from all departments at Palletforce’s central Hub, including apprentices from the highly successful Palletforce Academy.

They were selected following a series of monthly meetings featuring specially-appointed Employee Champions. The finalists in each category were decided in December.

Highlights of the ceremony, which was held at Burton Albion’s Pirelli Stadium, included Jack Boylin winning the Apprentice of the Year Award, Ivo Augstkalnietis being voted FLT Driver of the Year, and Gemma Hewitt from European Admin who received the award for Employee Champion of the Year.

In addition, Kate Lovatt and Jo Duncan of the Amazon Implementation team were presented with the Outstanding Business Contribution Award, while Superstar of the Year went to the entire SuperHub team – who also picked up the Efficiency Award.

In all there were winners in 16 categories, all of whom were presented with a glass trophy and a certificate.

Palletforce chief executive Michael Conroy also received a special long-service award for his 10 years at the helm, presented by network founding members Geof Armstrong from Wm Armstrong and Tony Suggitt from Redhead International.

Michael said: “The Delivering, Better culture programme is a key foundation for our continuing success and I am delighted to see our next generation of supervisors, managers, directors coming through, and somewhere even our next chief executive.

“None of what we have achieved as a company would have been possible without their superb and often selfless efforts and professionalism.”


Respect Award:

Finalists: Gemma Hewitt (European Admin), Mathew Plant (IT), Scott Grist (FLT driver).

Winner: Scott Grist.

Quality Award

Finalists: Terrence Brown (QTR), Kate Lovatt (IT), Kevin Vaughan (Member Relations).

Winner: Kate Lovatt.

Diversity Award

Finalists: Carl Bywater (Operations), Shaun James (FLT driver), Ruth Kitson (Finance).

Winner: Carl Bywater.

Agility Award

Finalists: Kevin Jackson (Network Operations), Ruth Kitson (Finance), Jack Eaton (FLT apprentice).

Winner: Ruth Kitson.

Community Spirit Award

Winner: Jo Duncan (Hub Operations).

Pride Award

Finalists: Michael Cunningham (Site Operations), Wendy Coxon (Finance), Gemma Hewitt (European Operations).

Winner: Wendy Coxon.

Efficiency Award

Finalists: Ivo Augstkalnietis (FLT driver), Susanne Warfield (Depot Support), SuperHub Team (Steven Davies, Mark Wilcock, Matthew Liversage, Terry Gould, Kieran Lavill, Jonathan Whiting, Stuart Geldard and Carl Wadsworth).

Winner: SuperHub Team.

Honesty Award

Finalists: Marketing Team (Dannielle Owen, Megan Mosley and Emily Portman), Lee Murphy (Facilities), Kieran Lavill (FLT driver)

Winner: Marketing Team.

Health and Safety Champion Award

Winner: Bev Knight.

Teamwork Award

Finalists: Depot 900 (Joanne Diver, Kim Raffle and Lindsey Kelly-Walley), Karen Hugo (Depot Support), Network Operations (Alex Restall, Kevin Jackson, Abigail Lear and Richard Moss).

Winner: Network Operations.

Apprentice of the Year Award

Finalists: Jack Eaton, Jack Boylin and Nathan Barnett.

Winner: Jack Boylin.

FLT Driver of the Year Award

Finalists: Aaron Moulden, Ivo Augstkalnietis, Charlie Foster.

Winner: Ivo Augstkalnietis

Employee Champion of the Year Award

Winner: Gemma Hewitt (European Admin).

Long Service Awards

10 years: Michael Conroy, David Holland, Penny Bailey, Laura Okell, Debbie Stokes and Robert Maskell (UKFM).

15 years: Richard Ratcliffe and Steve Davies.

25 years: Robin Peck (UKFM).

Outstanding Business Contribution Award Presentation

Winners: Kate Lovatt and Jo Duncan (Amazon Implementation Team).

Superstar of the Year Award

Winner: SuperHub Team.

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