Express pallet distribution leader Palletforce has introduced a new level of consignee delivery notification which it says will help its members attract larger customers and those who operate a ‘just in time’ supply chain model.

The result of continued investment in technology, the company bolstered its already impressive Alliance software last month, by adding a level which notified consignees when their goods were out for delivery.

They’ve now gone one step further with notifications sent to the customer or consignor when the goods have been delivered – including the name of the person signing for the delivery.

In addition to empowering their 9,000 trading customers with full visibility and enhanced efficiency, it also allows the network’s members to target further growth by attracting new clients and adding significant value to current customer accounts.

Palletforce believes this new level of control and informative visibility is sector-leading and will help its members attract large-scale customers of fast moving goods who operate a ‘just in time’ supply model.

Last month its member Knowles Transport announced a five-year distribution contract with The Silver Spoon Company and Palletforce says that’s just the tip of the iceberg as it enables growth for both its membership and the network as a whole.

Palletforce IT director Dean Hughes said: “Technology is playing an increasingly important role in our extremely competitive sector but our ongoing investment means we continue to lead and provide growth-enabling support to our membership.

“This new level of delivery notification is significant for our members. In addition to adding tangible value to their current client base, the technology will undoubtedly help them attract new business in areas where significant growth is possible.”

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